Artist Statement of Katherine Gordon

I have loved to draw and paint since I was a little child.  I’ve always responded strongly to color and form, and derive great enjoyment from the creative process.  There are several other artists in my family, and my mother is especially encouraging of my artistic endeavors.  When I try to put language to why I paint, I find myself wanting to say, “If I could say it in English, I wouldn’t have to paint it.”  But I think that is part of the key to why art is so powerful: we can say things in paint that would sound corny or stilted in the spoken word.  In essence, I am making an attempt to convey ideas and concepts like beauty and hope, and to infuse them into the everyday humdrum world.  As humans, we have to be very intentional about holding onto and celebrating the sublime, that which transcends our daily grind, and to keep encouraging ourselves and others around us that beauty, too, is real and important.  I am a person of deep faith, and it adds a splendid dimension of joy to my life.  I want others to find this same happy place.  So I guess in that sense my paintings are sort of a calling card or invitation to better, purer, more lovely realities.  Sometimes I say that my painting is a mental vacation that you can hang on your living room or office wall and draw peace from whenever you like.  Bon Voyage!