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In her excellent book, “The Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron writes about how creating art is a tribal activity.  How do you know if you might really be an artist?  If you got in trouble as a child for drawing on the walls; if you still remember — or anticipate — your first trip to an art museum; if the smell of oil paint entices you; if the lines of a running horse or a bird in flight mesmerize you; if you want more purple out of life; if you want to learn how to really see; if the idea of having your own studio seems like bliss beyond the lot of mortals; if you are haunted by beauty and yearnings for you know-not-what; if you sometimes, almost, just barely, when you are really alone, dare to dream that you might have a gift (but are afraid that mean teacher who said you are a no-talent might be right); then I have good news for you:  you have found your tribe.  You are an artist, and there lies within you the potential for greatness, even if you have not yet found how to harness it.  Let’s take those old, possibly forlorn dreams out of the trunk in your soul’s attic, dust them off and let them shine.  Let’s let you shine.

I wrote this book to put the tools in your hands that will let you express the gift within you.  It is not my intent to try to teach you to paint like me, but to paint like only you can.  I invite you to join me on what may the voyage of discovery of your life – discovering who you were meant to be, and what you were born to do.  Take your seat around the tribal fire and let’s begin.

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Quotes regarding Mechanics of Art


“The Mechanics of Art title – though accurate – might be better titled The Inspiration of Art. Katherine Gordon Rice’s ability to communicate what she has learned throughout her lifetime isn’t limited to mere mechanics. This book has been years in the making. I had the opportunity to receive a copy of her early draft before the release of this exquisitely illustrated and informative guide loaded with intricate details that the standard “how to” books leave out. As soon as I learned her book was going to print, I leaped at the chance to purchase it! I t’s so obvious this process of sharing her gifts with aspiring artists is precious to Katherine. I highly recommend this inspiring offering to anyone who is just starting an artistic journey as well as to those artists who are preparing to step out into offering their creations for sale! Excellent investment!”

-Dana Rider


“I have personally read every single page and can highly recommend this book even if you hold only a passing interest in art. I found it to be highly informative, easy to read, and well worth the price. I would recommend it to anybody!”

– Greg Karnes


“I found this book to offer the best explanation of the color wheel, primary colors and relationship between cool and warm colors. She offers great hints on purchasing tools and supplies. There are simple explanations of perspective and layout which result in better paintings. I feel that the book is worth the cost.”

– Leanne, Mineral Wells, TX


“Well, I have completed the reading of your book. ‘Amazing!’ I’m actually doing some of the exercises in it. I haven’t been painting long, and still unsure of my work, but I learned a great deal from your book, it has inspired me. Thank you, Katherine. You have inspired me.”

– Veronica Lopez-Barrett


“What an enticing back cover – very intriguing. Katherine, you have the gift of inspiring others who need to feel acknowledged… through artistic endeavors they can be validated.”

– Mary Ann Rice


“Love, love, love this book! Imagine the comfort and sigh of relief I felt as a beginning artist, after discovering ‘The Mechanics of Art.’ It is the one book that doesn’t go far from my side. I love that I can literally pick it up at any given time and learn some little tidbits about canvas preparation, tools, techniques and mixing colors. The book is written in a way that is easy to understand and the illustrations are beautifully done. Thank you Katherine Gordon Rice for writing a book that is not intimidating for the beginning artist and a great book to keep as a reference as we grow into experienced artists.”

– Vicki Ratliff


“I received your book and have been studying it. The reason you wrote it (per the introduction) was my experience as well: this information is hard to find. It has already helped me as I prepare for my first big art event in April (Main Street Fort Worth). ..your book will be invaluable for that.”

– Chuck Stanley