Commissioning a Painting

I am happy to do custom paintings in oil, pastel or watercolor.  I prefer to work from my own photographs, if that’s at all feasible.  If you have your own original photograph, I can work from that.  In some instances, for example a portrait of a child, one family member or couple may commission the painting, and order extra prints of it for other family members. Click here to learn about prints. I require half of the price as a down payment before I commence work, with the final amount due upon completion of the painting.  I am happy to provide digital photographs of the work in progress for you to review and make suggestions.  The smallest size commission painting I take is 18 x 24″, up to as large as you like.  My prices are listed below.  I am happy to have the work framed for you for an additional fee (usually about $250).  If you will call me at (254) 488-5028 or email, I am happy to discuss details with you.

SizeMediumFramedNot Framed
18 x 24pastel or watercolor$1150$995
18 x 24oil$1250$1125
22 x 28pastel or watercolor$1275$1200
22 x 28oil$1350$1250
24 x 30oil$2950$2750
24 x 36oil$3950$3750
36 x 42oil$6000$5250
48 x 48oil$11500$10250
muralsacrylics$50/sq. ft.